FSBO tips tricks. Discussion on low ball offers and suggestions in you want to lower the price.

We have an affordability issue in America today. Higher interest rates will impact buyers' qualifications. Due to higher rates sellers are beginning the "price drops " trend, which sellers use to help attract affordable housing for buyers.
But most sellers don't know or can show the actual numbers on how that impacts buyers. This inability to show the numbers and knowledge of how dropping the rates has a more significant impact on a buyer's payment than lowering a sales price could ever have.
On the right hand side you will see:
Price Drop vs. Rate Drop -
Did you know that instead of Dropping the Purchase Price, you can offer to pay the buyers Rate Buydown. In this illustration I show that instead of lowering the Purchase Price by $15,000 you offer to pay $15,000 towards a Rate Buydown for the buyer. This lowers the payment by $380 a month, instead of $99 that the price reduction caused. You can use this in Marketing as well. It helps those looking as low as $392,000 to purchase a house for $450,000. Bringing many more buyers your way.
Low Ball Offer -
Did you know that a $20,000 Price Reduction on a $450,000 purchase price has the same benefit of the seller paying $4,000 to buy the interest rate down for the buyer? Instead of taking a lower offer or if the appraisal comes in low, this is a great way to hit the payment a buyer is looking for. Benefiting both the buyer (payment) and the (seller) netting the most from their sale.
Marketing Your Property -
As you’ve seen from our illustrations, we can create a customized website for you just like the one you are looking at now. We can include video, photos, and customized financing sheets for any potential buyer. You then can use them in your marketing campaigns anywhere you post your listing.
Shoot us an email at wschulz@canopymortgage.com or call us at 971-304-3151 to discuss your listing and how we can help you.


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